Proposals for reform

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  • Public judgements in all cases behind closed doors with option for parties to comment
  • Press to be encouraged to report Family Law cases (excluding children's names)
  • Judges to be named in all Reports of Family Law Cases
  • Independant and representative body to oversee complaints against lawyers and professionals in Family Court cases
  • Family Case Law to be reviewed by a representative body and removed where the spirit of the Law or indeed the Law itsself was not applied
  • Review of all Family Law procedures to be carried out by a representative body
  • The office of the President of The Family Court Division to be scrapped and replaced with a representative body
  • Family tickets to be withdrawn by the new body in cases where they so deem fit
  • New rules for benefits, pensions and child allowances to be put in place that are both child-focussed and gender neutral
  • Rules allowing LIPs to access assistance as per their own choice such as Advocacy and direct access to barristers
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