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Quick start for the impatient

Learn how to Edit your first page

Purpose of Family Law Wiki

The purpose is to build a resource that will be useful to those who are caught up in the UK Family Law system. The focus is on separated parents, in particular those who are trying to keep in touch with their kids.

Check out how easy it is to update this Wiki

At the top of this page there is a tab View source, if you click on it you will see the sort of thing that you need to create and update pages.

Yes - it is that simple. No need to be an IT expert.

Get a user account

To be able to make changes to the wiki you need to be a registered user. Unfortunately the wiki has been vandalised and so new accounts have to be created by the site owner. To request a new account please send email to:

How to Create Content

The Wiki software that is used is that which supports WikipediA [1], if you are not familiar with this then you would benefit from spending a few minutes browsing that web site. Before you create content you will need to think about the structure of the pages, this will be especially true in the early days of this project.

The full User's guide is here User's Guide, however for the impatient:

  • Search for the topic (enter a couple of key words in the search box on the left and press Go.
  • If the topic is not found you will be given the opportunity to create this page
    • You can also create a new page by including a new Internal link when editing an existing page, after saving the first page if you click the link to this non-existing page you will be given the opportunity to create content for that page.
  • Create the page content by using the simple editor presented to you
  • Preview what you have produced by pressing Show Preview at the bottom of the page
  • Make the page part of the Wiki by pressing Save Page

A good way to start is to make a small improvement to an existing page.

Getting started with the Wiki

Uploading Images

  • Images can help a lot in explanation, but first:
    • Do not upload material that would cause a copyright issue. It is OK to upload your own images or ones with a permissive license.
    • Ensure that it is appropriate. You might need to use an image editor to remove irrelevant stuff around the object that you want to show
    • Ensure that it is of good enough quality - eg a fuzzy/unreadable screen shot is no good to anyone
    • You should probably remove (blot out with an image editor) personal information
    • Give the image a good name, image007.jpg is not good, GovernmentGatewayLogin.jpg is much better.
  • Use the link in the menu on the left to get to Special:SpecialPages where you will find Special:Upload
  • Upload the image
  • Add it to the Wiki page pressing the 'Embedded file' icon (at the top of the box where you edit pages) or by typing [[File:GovernmentGatewayLogin.jpg]].

Unacceptable Content

The following content may be removed or altered without warning:

  • Illegal or obscene material
  • Material that is seriously off topic
  • Personal attacks on individuals - even if many might agree with the sentiment

The Wiki records the identities of those who create content, authors who persistently create unacceptable content may have their updating rights removed.

Copyright of Documents

You should respect copyright of other documents, so please don't upload material unless you have agreement from the copyright holder. It is, however, quite reasonable to:

  • Provide references or citations:
    • by including a URL or web link to a page on this or another web site.
    • by giving a book/... title, ISBN, page/chapter numbers
  • Include short excerpts of other documents (say a couple of paragraphs)

Information in this Wiki is copyright, this is explained here Project:Copyrights, that page should be read by contributors as it also deals in more depth about the inclusion of other copyright material.

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