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This is a DRAFT Code of Conduct for the Moderators on the Fora

Conduct of moderators
  1. Moderators will inform other moderators and the office when a member is added to or removed from moderation.
  2. The name of a person who is put on or taken off moderation will not be revealed to the forum.
  3. Moderators are entirely free to put each other on moderation.
  4. No moderator will remove a person from moderation without either receiving an undertaking from the moderated person that he will abide by the charter or (b) the consent of he who put them on moderation.
  5. Moderation is never a punishment. It is a method whereby moderators can check postings before they "go public" when a moderator has previously felt the poster does not understand or adhere to the forum charter.
  6. A member who, in the opinion of the moderators, posts in order to get a reaction will be regarded flaming the board and will be moderated and his posts will be tightly controlled.
  7. Existing moderators must receive notification of all pending posts individually (not by daily digest) and will use their best endeavours to check pending posts at least every 24 hours.
Handling moderated messages
  1. Moderators will ask themselves two questions when reading a moderated post_ first 'does it contravene the charter?' and second, 'what will be the potential result of this getting through?'. If the first is answered 'no' and the second 'it might lead to trouble' then it is vulnerable to rejection under rule 12 (bringing the forum into disrepute)
  2. In rejecting a posting, Moderators will seek to give a brief explanation (e.g. Rule 4)
  3. The fact that a moderator thinks a posting contains nonsense is not a reason to reject it.
  4. If a member posts something containing an automatic signature which promotes another organisation, that members posts will be moderated until he removes or agrees to remove the automated signature
  5. A posting without additional content and/or a duplicate posting may be deleted without explanation.
Appointment of moderators
  1. New moderators can be proposed by any member, must be endorsed by all existing moderators and mustl be ratified by the trustees.
  2. The names and email addresses of the moderators will be shown on Charter.txt (version on /files/)
  3. Existing moderators are free to resign at any time by advising
  4. includes all moderators, the co-ordinator and the office
  1. Complaints against moderators cannot be dealt with by the moderator complained about but he will have an opportunity to respond to the complaint.
  2. In the first instance, complaints should be dealt with by the moderator co-ordinator.
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