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  • In the UK financial support for children can either be handled privately, by court order or through the Child Support Agency

State Benefit for looking after a child

In 2004 Eugen Hokenjos an appeal that JSA (Job Seakers Allowance) uplift for those with child support should be also given to the person who is not the main carer but had a joint residence order. This does not apply for anything other than JSA.

Bedroom Tax

This is where if someone in receipt of housing benefit has rooms that are deemed to be under occupied they must either move to a smaller property (even if none are available) or pay to keep the room. This affects parents who have their kids to stay occasionally (eg weekends, holidays). This has been tested in court and a non binding (ie no precedent setting) case was won by a father: a tribunal found imposing the bedroom tax on a father who said he needed a second room to accommodate his teenage daughter when she stays with him was an infringement of his human rights

An appeal case in 2015 where the child spent alternate weeks with each parent and the father held the child benefit book. Found that mother was entitled to a 1 bed flat and had housing benefit reduced by 14% as a result.

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